I Have Snot?

thHave you ever heard someone saying: I have snot? For sure not in the USA nor in England or any other English-speaking countries, as it is quite vulgar. Instead, you would hear something like: “I have a runny nose.” or: “My nose is running.”

Hahaha, again, this is not a sentence you would want to translate word for word to Hebrew. Do not say: הָאָף שֶׁלִי רָץ, as by that, you say that your nose is running SOMEWHERE. It is quite funny to hear it said in Hebrew. It is as if you would say: My nose is traveling somewhere.

As you can see again and again: Hebrew is a VERY literal language.

So, how do you say: “I have a runny nose” or “My nose is running” in Hebrew?

Funny enough, you WOULD say: I have snot.

נַזֶּלֶת = snot = nasal mucus

So, in Hebrew, you can either say: I have a cold:  אני מְצוּנָן or for female: אני מצוּנֶנֶת

Or you would say: I have a runny nose; My nose is running.  יֵשׁ לִי נַזֶּלֶת = I have snot.

It is considered children’s language to say  יֵשׁ לִי נַזֶּלֶת. Or when the doctor wants to know exactly what is happening with your body, you can then say,  יֵשׁ לִי נַזֶּלֶת.

But generally, it would be sufficient to say אני מצוּנֶנֶת to describe your physical condition.

I hope you are healthy and should not worry about how to say it in Hebrew, but just in case someone else was saying it to you… 🙂

Have a fantastic week! Shavua Neef-lah  !שָׁבוּע נִפְלָא

And to learn about other phrases, idioms, slang in English that do not translate word for word in Hebrew, I suggest you get: Hebrew, When to Say What?

Hebrew, When to Say What?

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