rutiThis is my Blog about  Hebrew.  In this Blog, I cover anything and everything that has to do with the Hebrew Language; reading, writing, tips and interesting posts. I like to see the light in people’s eyes when they increase their understanding. So let’s see the sun shine through you.

Welcome!  My goals are to provide people with a strong foundation of the Hebrew language and to teach it with a proven workable method (with 35 years of experience behind it).  I also like to help people who want to learn Hebrew to get it right the first time. My philosophy is that once one gets the essential structures that are unique to Hebrew he can then learn the rest of it with ease and reach his personal goals with confidence.

I love languages: I’m fluent in English and Hebrew (well… of course!). I heard Yiddish my whole life, so I understand and speak some Yiddish. I learned French in the French consulate for three years; learned Arabic for 3 years; and picked up some Russians when my parents didn’t want us (the kids) to know what they were talking about. 🙂


I want to imbue more life in the world of my readers and students. THIS is my purpose.

Here is more information about my first book.

Throughout my Hebrew teaching career, I have not found one Hebrew textbook that was to my satisfaction and that matched my teaching philosophy. Some were better than others but none was good enough to my standard. So I sat down, noted areas where students had difficulties with, found the perfect solutions and applied them with raving success.

After 14 years of piloting Learn How to Read Hebrew For Real with my private students, I am proud to see it published to the benefit of many. Learning Hebrew CAN be easy fun and non-robotic.

I then expanded my rich knowledge in teaching Hebrew by embarking on writing a series of books that teach you how to Speak Hebrew For Real. My purpose with this series is to give you the best foundation for constructing phrases and sentences so that you would sound like a native Israeli. More important than learning or memorizing mere vocabulary is how to put parts of speech together (that are different than English) so that your communication will go across to the other person with full understanding.

 I hope you’ll enjoy my blog. 
Ruti Yudovich