He Asked for Water she Gave Him…

יעלThis is a story of a courageous woman named יָעֵל. She was definitely very effective –  מוֹעִילה and brought substantial benefit  תּוֹעֶלֶת to the Israelites. יָעֵל (also means ‘mountain goat’;  Ibex) was from a nomadic tribe, some of whom lived in close proximity to the Israelites.

She killed Sisera סִסְרָא (an enemy general who was leading his troops against Israel) to deliver Israel from the troops of King Jabin יָבִין — the king of Canaan that under his rule, the Israelites had suffered for twenty years.

How did she do it?      ?אֵיךְ הִיא עָשְׂתָה זֹאת

Sisera fled and found refuge, he thought, with Yael (whose husband was in good terms with him). Yael יָעֵל welcomed him into her tent and gave him milk to drink when he asked for water “מַיִם שָׁאַל – חָלָב נָתָנָה” But when Sisera fell asleep she drove a tent peg through his head and killed him.

שָׁאַל – means ‘to ask for’ = בִּקֵּשׁ

“מַיִם שָׁאַל – חָלָב נָתָנָה” is an expression that means to be overly generous; to give more that was asked for.

Now you see why her name means: helpful, useful, beneficial, effective.

to make something effective you would say: לְיָעֵל – l’ya’el.

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If you have learned one new thing from this blog then I have done my job.

Leheetraot in the next blog.  להתראות בבלוג הבא.

Ruti Yudovich  רותי יודוביץ

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