What’s in the name?

Pay and Be at Peace?

Yeth-1sterday I posted a short blog about the origin of the name Shlo-mo (Solomon). I did mention that there are more words derived from the root: ש.ל.מ (Sh.l.m) – meaning: wholeness, completeness. Here is an interesting one:

The verb לְשַׁלֵּם (l’sha-lem) – ‘to pay’ consists of the same three letter root. What’s the connection? Here is my explanations: When someone sold you something, you started some kind of a transaction. The seller caused something to move to your direction. You received it. Now in order to complete this motion you have to pay him, as the seller awaits his rewards- the return of the motion. Until you pay him (reverse the motion) the transaction is not complete. Once you hand him to money by doing so, you have completed the transaction. Now both sides are happy  and at peace – שָׁלוֹם (shah-lom) and can start a new transaction or move on with their lives.

And thus it is with human relationships. It is a give-and-take activities. Until one has not returned a favour, a nice gesture, a smile etc.,  he is not complete.

Moral of the story?

I would love to hear your viewpoint on this.

Ruti Yudovich

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