How Hebrew should sound?

The Sounds of Hebrew

music notes

Unlike English words that their emphasis is mostly on the first syllable such as: WIN-dow; TA-ble, etc, the punch in the Hebrew words is usually on the last syllable or on the second to last. sha-LOM שלום; toh-RAH תורה; Yees-ra-EL ישראל. It is important to know this rule as when you know the general rule, all you have to pay attention is to the exception to the rule. Words in Hebrew that has the Eh-eh vowels are the exception to the rule (there are more exceptions):


KE-lev כֶּלֶב – dog; YE-led יֶלֶד – boy/child; KE-sef כֶּסֶף – money; SHE-mesh שֶׁמֶשׁ – sun; DE-rekh דֶּרֶךֶ – way/path/road; NE-fesh נֶפֶשׁ – soul;

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