Yahweh- meaning of God’s name

Most of us have seen this word relating to God’s name. It is frowned upon religious Jews and others to read God’s name as one would read any other word (including the vowels) because it is considered too sacred for Man to utter it.

In my many years of teaching Biblical and Modern Hebrew I had to deal with many questions my students dared to ask. And boy! They did dare because I encouraged them to do so. 🙂

One day, after being asked well-seated questions, I looked again at the spelling of God’s name and experienced a moment of epiphany.

In this article I’m not going to deal with the religious aspect and the question such as:  what is God? Is there a God? Who is God? Where is God? etc. I would leave this sensitive subject to your own personal belief, knowingness and understanding.

But I will give you my explanation to the meaning of  His name (well, at least one of the explanations):

Let’s take a look at the word/name:


In this name you will see three tenses of the verb ‘BE’.

The root of the verb ‘BE’ is:  ה.י.ה

הָיָה –  He was

יִהְיֶה – He will be

הֹוֶה – He is *

Hence: God’s name means:  He was; He is; He will be =  He is Present, He is Past and He is Future at the same time = He is Eternal; Everlasting; Immortal; Timeless; Infinite.

*The word for Present Tense in Hebrew is: זְמָן הֹוֶה. The word הֹוֶה means: ‘is’ but it is not used as a verb except from (at least to my knowledge) in the song relating to God.

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One comment

  1. With everything that’s going on in the public forum of public eye, the Creator of the Universe still stands. He was, He is, Always will be.
    Would like to read this book.


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