A Child Named Eagle?

Didwolf you know that many names in Hebrew are after animal’s names? Who would have thought? Well you may have met people named after animals. This is an opportunity to easily learn names of animals:
Bear – דב  Dohv;

  • a Wolf זְאֵב Z’ev;
  • Ram – Male sheep – אֱיָל Eh-yahl; or for female- אַיֶּלֶת Ah-ye-let; אַיָּלָה- Ah-ya-la;
  • Lion – אַרְיֶה Ahr-yeh or Lioness – לְבִיאָה – L’vee-ah;
  • lionIbex – יֶעֵל Yah-el;
  • Deer – צְבִי Tz-vee; or for female- צְבִיָה Tz-vee-yah;
  • Young sheep, lamb, ewe –  רָחֵל – Rah-khel;
  • Old sheep- רִבְקָה – Reev-ka;
  • Bee – דְּבוֹרָה – D’voh-rah;
  • Tree Frog – אִילָנִית – Ee-lah-neet;
  • Sparrow – דְּרוֹר D’rore; or for female – דְּרוֹרָה D’roh-rah;
  • Female Lamb – טַלְיָה Tahl-ya;
  • Eagle – נֶשֶׁר Neh-sher;
  • Swallow (bird) – סְנוּנִית
  • Fawn (a young deer)- עֹפֶר Oh-fer ; or for a female – עֹפְרָה Ohf-rah
  • Seagull – שַׁחַף Shah-khafA child Named Eagle?

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