Get Excited in Hebrew

IMG_2641When you want to express your excitement you’d say in English: What a wonderful … What a…

In Hebrew you use the word: Eyzeh – אֵיזֶה (lit. what kind of; which; some kind of; ) What a beautiful day  !אֵיזֶה יוֹם יָפֶה; (ey-zeh yome yah-feh)  What a cute boy! אֵיזֶה יֶלֶד חָמוּד (ey-zeh yeled kha-mood!)

When I strolled on the streets of Rishon Lezion, Israel, and peeked inside this store, I said to myself: !אֵיזֶה פֵּירוֹת יָפִים (coloquially you can use the singular male form איזה for plural objects. In proper Hebrew you’d say: אֵילוּ)

Can you construct a few such exclamation?  (a sudden cry or remark, esp. expressing surprise, anger, or pain)



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