Graffiti In Israel?

IMG_2965Boker tove,

Well… some people learn Hebrew by touring Tel-Aviv and reading what’s written on the walls. I wish I had taken more photos to virtually teaching some Hebrew. For now enjoy this one:

Ah-tah tzah-reekh ah-ha-va kha-da-sha?   אתה צריך אהבה חדשה? Do you (male. singular) need a new love?

If the writing on the wall would have addressed a woman it would say: Aht tz’ree-kha ah-ha-va  kha-da-sha?

Can you write back to me, forming sentences with the verb ‘need’?

And can you read what it says next to that statement?  The Israeli humor.

(for more information about the usage of this verb see my book: Speak Hebrew For Real, Primer at:

Ruti Yudovich


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